Sister Sundae??

So some of you might be asking yourself… “What the heck is Sister Sundae??”

If you’re thinking… “Oohh it’s probably just a couple of crazy girls that have nothing else to do!”

Well, guess what? DING! DING! DING! You are correct.  🙂

Now that I got THAT out of my system, let me introduce ourselves.

My name is Monica, but many people call me Monie and I am pretty much the bitter part of this bittersweet  blog, lol. On the sweet part there is my sister (well SOMETIMES), Araceli, but to keep it short let’s call her Shell. 🙂

One random boring day we both decided that we should start a blog, but “about what??” we asked ourselves.  We came to the conclusion that we should just write about our Sundays. Why Sunday? Well simply because that is the day that we usually take to ourselves and just explore our surroundings. (to make this story short) Later on through all this process we came up with the name Sister Sundae. Sundae because it sounds like Sunday and Sundae because we both like Sundaes, so we thought it be cute.  And Sister.. well because we’re sisters J.Does it make sense to you? LOL I hope it does. Anyways… we will pretty much be writing about our little adventures and how bittersweet they come out to be.

FYI… I usually write… and write… and write…. And pay no attention to grammar. So if you find many fragments and misspelled words you know why. On the other hand my sister Shell, she’s more of a perfectionist, so it will probably become obvious to you later on, on who wrote what. 🙂

BTW… Did I mention that we’re Hispanic??? LoL, so if sometimes you find words you don’t understand, just let us know, we’ll translate for you. 

I really hope you enjoy reading our posts… if not… well I do welcome any Constructive Criticism.


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