“I want some oranges like the ones from last time!” my mother yelled told me (in Spanish of course). What you all don’t know is that  the oranges and grapefruits that we bought last time are an hour and half away from home! And well of course like good daughters that my sister and I are we said…(in an exaggerated voice) “yes, mother we’d love to go!” lol

Here is a map so you can have an idea of the distance of our trip just to satisfy our Mother. 😐

We drove from point A to point B

… and after driving for almost an hour… we finally saw the sing!

South Padre Island!!

Have any of you ever been there??

I just want to point something out… it was EXTREMELY windy that day.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> RED FLAG YA’LL!

I couldn’t avoid to notice the black pipe thing on our beach, to be honest with you it’s been there for a while… so long that I can’t even remember since when, but then again… my memory… yeah… it’s not all that great. lol

This black pipe turns out to be bittersweet?? bitter because it just makes out beach look naaaeesty but sweet because people can sit on it and just rest after a long walk  or simply just sit… just like this…

eh? came out handy right? 😉

If you look at the picture above far, far, into the picture you can see all the spring breakers starting to trash our beach. It’s true that’s what they do… LOL

After being at the beach for about 30 minutes we decided it was time to return to home… home sweet home, with the oranges and grapefruits of course… 🙂

BTW here’s a little something that I did with a couple of pictures that we took. MR SHARK!  raaaawwwrr!! wait… that’s not how sharks do it, but uhm I don’t know what sound would be and that’s the first thing that came to mind. lol


… and to make this a happy ending…. the fruit made it safe back home! YAY!!!


❤ Monica … talk to you soon!!


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  1. Posted by adria33 on March 2, 2011 at 3:45 PM guys are very sweet to your mom 🙂

    P.S. I want some of those oranges!! LOL


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