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Look at what I got this morning, isn’t cute?!?!… I was thinking of eating for breakfast but uhmmm I don’t think that’s very healthy… LOL.. Lunch it is!

Good Day ya’ll!


Gas Prices…

In case you haven’t noticed gas prices are sky rocketing and that is making me very uhm… UPSET!

To be honest I don’t know how much of the “Sister Sundae Traveling” will happen now, BUT guess what?? Next week is Spring Break!! whoop! whoop! and we will be in Houston the whole week, so I will be posting about that. 🙂

❤ Monica


“I want some oranges like the ones from last time!” my mother yelled told me (in Spanish of course). What you all don’t know is that  the oranges and grapefruits that we bought last time are an hour and half away from home! And well of course like good daughters that my sister and I are we said…(in an exaggerated voice) “yes, mother we’d love to go!” lol

Here is a map so you can have an idea of the distance of our trip just to satisfy our Mother. 😐

We drove from point A to point B

… and after driving for almost an hour… we finally saw the sing!

South Padre Island!!

Have any of you ever been there??

I just want to point something out… it was EXTREMELY windy that day.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> RED FLAG YA’LL!

I couldn’t avoid to notice the black pipe thing on our beach, to be honest with you it’s been there for a while… so long that I can’t even remember since when, but then again… my memory… yeah… it’s not all that great. lol

This black pipe turns out to be bittersweet?? bitter because it just makes out beach look naaaeesty but sweet because people can sit on it and just rest after a long walk  or simply just sit… just like this…

eh? came out handy right? 😉

If you look at the picture above far, far, into the picture you can see all the spring breakers starting to trash our beach. It’s true that’s what they do… LOL

After being at the beach for about 30 minutes we decided it was time to return to home… home sweet home, with the oranges and grapefruits of course… 🙂

BTW here’s a little something that I did with a couple of pictures that we took. MR SHARK!  raaaawwwrr!! wait… that’s not how sharks do it, but uhm I don’t know what sound would be and that’s the first thing that came to mind. lol


… and to make this a happy ending…. the fruit made it safe back home! YAY!!!


❤ Monica … talk to you soon!!

Eat Mor Chikin

So lunch today was a bit uneasy and just because my ” sista” how I like to call her, didn’t want to eat Chick-Fil-A! Can you beleive that?? Who in the world  doens’t like Chick-Fil-A??? I know I do!!!

Can someone just help me convince her that Chick-fil-A is nothing but gooooooood stuff!

BTW- How’s your day going?? it’s Friday! 🙂

❤ Monica

Click! CLick! cLicK!

Border Wall

I know this post is a bit late… well more like almost a week late but here it goes…

As we were leaving the house we realized we hadn’t decided of where to go on this beautiful Sunday. So I just drove… and drove… and drove some more… and maybe about three miles into my driving  I felt something slap me right across the face… and no it wasn’t my Sister, LOL.

I realized we had been driving along the U.S. Border Wall….

This first picture is… how can I call it… This picture is perfect, complete? I think that’s the word. So this picture is complete, what’s not complete is the wall. Did any of you not pay your taxes on time??? LOL. joke, joke, it’s a joke 😐 Anyways… in this picture the wall gets cut off because they realized that if they kept going they were going to cut off the road?? Well duh! and I’ll show you how it went wrong.

Please excuse the art. 🙂

How the heck were they suppose to keep going with the wall??? In my personal opinion… waste of money. Just so you know… this is where tax payer’s $$$ went…

Along our adventures we took  a couple of pictures, but  none that I could be pretty proud of. lol… Hey! there was a border patrol truck parked there, I just didn’t want to stand there and start taking pictures of them and the wall… They would probably think I was plotting something evil. lol

Well these are a couple of entrances that we found. Close to this second entrance were some border patrol agents parked *scary* eh.. not really, well kind of. lol I don’t know if you noticed but uhm… those wall don’t seem finished to me. What do you think?


It’s FINALLY here!!

Guys, it’s finally Friday! yay!
Any weekend adventures for anyone?